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Due to the economic downturn in Campbell County and the State of Wyoming, funds available to the Y.E.S. House has decreased over the past three years.  To counter this reduction, the Y.E.S. House Foundation has launched an endowment campaign to raise $3,000,000 – $3,250,000 over the next two years.  This money will be put in an investment fund with the Wyoming Community Foundation, which will be maintained with withdrawals of principal. The income from with will be available to the Y.E.S. to offset the deficits in yearly revenue.

Every year the Y.E.S. House helps to protect, heal and care for an average of 1,000 youth and their families throughout Northeast Wyoming.

With over 100 employees and a budget of nearly $7.7 million, the Y.E.S. House has a positive economic impact to the community by producing an additional 107.3 indirect jobs and approximately $6.5 million to the income of Campbell County. Because of the health and welfare of the youth and families that are served by the Y.E.S. House and the economic contribution that the Y.E.S. House makes to Campbell County, it is imperative that the Y.E.S. House plan for its future so that funds are available to keep the Y.E.S. House open and operating.   

To learn more about the endowment, please reach out to Mary Melaragno at [email protected] or by calling 307-686-0669, ext. 1009 or 307-696-3670. 

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